Yunus Rajabiy Berta Davydova Viktor Uspensky Mukarram Turhunboeva
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Yunus Rajabiy

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Berta Davydova

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Viktor Uspensky

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Mukarram Turhunboeva


Domain: Performing Arts
Index Number: 02.04


Thoughts and hopes of Uzbek peoples, their way of life and customs were brightly reflected in singing art, predetermined thematic and genre diversity of folk songs, which exist in closed socio-cultural environment. Singing art of Uzbek people formed for centuries depending on its social and daily life functions, social and psychological peculiarities of the ethnos.

And folk song, while being mostly not only an entertainment but also a compelling need, while performing various functions in the family life of a person and in collective life of the society, comprises of large groups of applied or event-related (lullabies, labor, ritual related songs as well as historical songs) and non-applied or non-event-related genres (lyrical, satirical ones or specific song genres such as qoshiq, lapar, olan, yalla, ashula), which have diverse themes and forms. Each song genre, its functions, forms, expressive measures are unique and inimitable.

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