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Domain: Performing Arts
Index Number: 02.06


In traditional culture of Uzbekistan considerable place is occupied by shows and performances of folk spectacular arts, which already for many centuries has played important role in cultural and aesthetic life of Uzbek people. This art is ancient form of folk theatre. Its roots are to be found in the shows of tribal times. It existed before and can be seen now, and it embodies and reflects themes in folk life.

Notably, the word "oyin" ("game", 'dance") has been long associated with this art for. Almost all types and forms of professional folk spectacular arts (such as performances and shows by maskharaboz, qiziqchi (actors, clowns), raqqos (dancers), dorboz (rope walkers), nayrangboz (illuzionists), mullakchi (acrobats), chavandoz (horsemen), yogoch oyoq (stilt walkers), ayiq, echki, ilon, maymun oynatish (tamers of bears, goats, monkeys and snakes), askiyaboz (wisecrackers), qogirchoqboz (puppeteers)) were called with a single word – "oyin", while their performers – "oyinchi" (the ones, who perform this activity). Thus, "oyin" is a show, bright performing art, which demonstrates true folk talents. It unites all types of folk spectacular arts, distinguishing features of which are performances on squares, virtuosity and skill, spectacularity and presence of large auditorium (viewers). Folk spectacular art was integral part of traditional artistic programmes of folk promenades and festivals (which were held on large squares (registon and sayilgoh) of villages and cities of Uzbekistan), of family ceremonies and festivities. All forms of folk spectacular arts had their peculiarities and artistic features, which emphasize the brightest features of folk creativity.

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