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Maskharabozlik (the Art of Buffoonery)

Domain: Performing Arts
Index Number: 02.06.03


Maskharabozlik – is one of the types of Uzbek spectacular arts. In the past it was a demonstration of buffoonery, harlequinade and imitation. In other words it was a performance of an actor in mask (maskharaboz). It seems that this art genre has its roots in antiquity, when people worshipped to different deities and idols.

Maskharabozes in masks, who reminded of people and animals, demonstrated their performances, danced and in some places – during the commemoration meeting wore certain masks and imitated the sound and behavior of deceased. There were performances called "Sadr", "Ashshadaroz" "Maskharaboz". They stood out with their original oral dramaturgy, impromptu, satirical reflection of life events; and were live performances. In terms of its roots, traditions of succession, social status, goals and tasks, it is close to puppetry. It was maskharaboz who was the leading person in the puppetry. At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries buffoonery began to be combined with the art of rope walking. In the performances of maskharaboz it was possible to see jugglers, acrobats, strongmen and rope walkers. Also, the masks, which were used previously, subsequently were replaced by original make-ups.

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